Content Plus - the digital monthly client news service

Financial news is all around us but with so many different media channels delivering so much information - how can your clients be sure of what they need to talk to you about?

Content Plus is our monthly digital news service that:

  • Delivers you the most important financial news stories to pass on to your clients
  • Gives you the ability to select which news stories you deliver to individual clients
  • Offers you the freedom to choose how you deliver each news story
  • Allows you to fully edit content to provide a more targeted and personalised service

Here's how it works:
  1. At the start of each month we email you five topical financial news stories covering areas such as pensions, savings and investments, protection, tax planning and corporate finance.
  2. You have the freedom to use these stories in any way you see fit to communicate briefly, quickly and efficiently to your clients - see below for some examples of how you can use this service. 
  3. Each news story is written by our team of skilled financial experts in a non-technical and easy-to-read style that your clients will appreciate.
  4. Each news story gives you the opportunity to add your own personalised call to action to elicit a response from your clients - don't worry, our helpful account managers will also provide you with some examples of the type of call to action you can add to each story.
  5. Content Plus gives you the freedom to communicate the right story to the right client at the right time at a very cost effective price.

How you can use the monthly news stories we provide:
  • Include the latest news in a regular email you send out to your clients 
  • Add the stories to your website
  • Add them to your blog, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn updates
  • Create your own email update for specific clients highlighting the issues raised in the stories and explaining how your firm can help
  • Text clients part of a story and ask them to give you a call.
  • Email out a press release to give your firm's unique view on a particular financial story
  • The options are endless - you have the control!

Taxbriefs Content Plus Service

Please call the Client Marketing Team on 020 8075 8210 for further details.



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